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Tap into your team to boost follower engagement

Employees compete to capture and share valuable brand moments and information. You pick the strongest suggestions and post them directly onto your brand's social media channels. The authentic, unique, and timely content drives follower engagement, which increases revenue by creating brand loyalty.

Post with guaranteed broad organic reach

Employees who attach their social media accounts get points for sharing brand content. They can "retweet", "like" etc. a suggestion before you have even posted it. That way when you do post something, it'll be shared across your team's channels. That momentum and reach will inspire other followers to engage as well.

Enjoy easy postin'

Edit all suggestions and post them across multiple social channels with just a few clicks. You can also schedule posts for the future so that you can ensure a consistent presence on all channels.

great for all kinds of companies

Business to customer min

Business to Business

Tap into your colleagues' knowledge of industry information to become a voice of authority.
Business to business min

Business to Customer

Capture your colleagues' experiences to share moments that customers connect with.


It saves so much time on my end and now I get to see what types of things our people read/think about. It makes our social media a more accurate representation of our company because it is literally now a mosaic of everyone's thoughts.
Chisom Uche, Marketing Specialist at TopOPPS

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