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This isn't a new management tool: It's a new work place.

We believe work will be a better place for both people and companies once employees are empowered to chase new challenges, fulfill their passions, and craft the direction of their careers.

of employees are disengaged
of young professionals say they're not developing skills or leadership.
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costs US businesses more than $2K per employee per year.

Champio uses innovation to drive employee engagement

We don't do points or surface-level surveys. We do action. Champio allows for employee-driven innovation, thereby aligning the incentives of employees with those of the leadership and driving engagement through inspiration and action.

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Employees post, vote for, and comment on ideas and projects. Champio tracks the areas of expertise they contribute to by doing so, engaging them by empowering them.


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Employees feel heard, challenged, and empowered so they stay engaged. They get the data they need to validate their value, identify their relative strengths, and fuel their careers.

Employees can say:

"Last year, I generated $3 million in revenue through product and marketing ideas."

"We should move forward with this plan of action because my colleagues agree that it will create the highest returns."

"I lead and finish projects two times faster than the company average."


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Leaders get happier people and the data they need to make them even happier. Champio helps them identify, cultivate, and engage their best people.

Leaders can say:

"Eric should work in marketing because he is clearly passionate about it and has had $3 million worth of marketing ideas."

"We need to look at our accounting department because employees begin engaged but become disengaged after three months and leave quickly."

"Put Sophie on that project because she finishes customer support projects at a rate 9x faster than anyone else does."