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How It Works...

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Employees compete to capture and share valuable brand moments.

Employees witness and create moments and information that followers will find interesting every single day. Points, leaderboards, challenges, and other features make it easy and fun for them to recognize and share those moments with you.

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Maximize follower engagement

You post the best ones directly onto brand channels.

Our predictive algorithm looks at brand-specific patterns and tells you which suggestions will garner the most follower engagement. And then you decide which to post or schedule onto Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

...And What You Get.

iPhone, Mobile Optimized

Better Talent

Young talent you'd like to hire will look at your brand's social streams and see an active company with a great culture.

iPhone, Mobile Optimized

Valuable Followers

Followers will engage with the constant stream of relevant, revealing, and unique content you'll post on social, which studies have found makes them more likely to purchase from your brand and recommend it to a friend.

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Happy Employees

Employees will be involved in building the brand, which gives them a sense of ownership and, thereby, increases retention.